M920 (22.5"-24.5")
M920 (22.5"-24.5")

All-Season Regional and Urban Drive Tire


The M920 drive tire delivers superb all-season traction and high mileage for local and regional operations. This unique tire features a wider tread width for even load distribution and improved stability. Deep tread depth ensures maximum mileage in a variety of applications. Computer-optimized design, all-season traction, and high mileage combine with a competitive acquisition point to make the M920 the leading value alternative for regional and local vehicles. Show more/less

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Toyo Tires offers a comprehensive warranty and retreading policy on commercial tires.

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Performance ratings

Tread LifeTread Life
Fuel EfficiencyFuel Efficiency
Cut Chip ResistanceCut Chip Resistance
M920 (22.5"-24.5") All-Season Regional and Urban Drive Tire

Performance ratings scale is 1 to 5, with 5 being the best.

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Features and benefits

Maximum Removal Miles

  • Extra-deep, 29/32" tread depth delivers maximum miles.
  • E-balance provides optimum footprint wear to increase mileage performance.
  • Wider tread width for even load distribution, improved stability, and excellent profile retention.
  • Super-thin sipes decrease block movement under driving and braking conditions to deliver more even wear.

Superior All-Season Performance

  • Optimized staggered shoulder blocks provide exceptional all-season traction.
  • Cross-sipe arrangement maintains block stiffness to provide traction throughout the life of the tire.
  • V-notch in tread grooves provides traction in all conditions.

Excellent Casing Durability

  • E-balance profile minimizes growth of the tread profile, and maintains uniform and flatter tread radius for the entire life of the casing.
  • Stone ejectors in all major grooves prevent casing damage.
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Toyo offers a comprehensive warranty and retreading policy for our commercial tires.

  • A full 66-month limited warranty on eligible claims
  • Casing allowances cover two retreads on eligible claims
  • Retread rubber allowances of up to $50.00 for first retread

For complete details see our Truck Tire Limited Warranty.