M137 Extreme Long Haul Steer Tire
M137 Extreme Long Haul Steer Tire

Extreme Long Haul Steer Tire

SmartWay e-balance

The M137 is a steer tire designed for operations running 15,000 to 20,000 miles per month, from which steer tires are typically pulled prematurely due to irregular wear. The high miles per 32nd with minimized irregular wear results in maximum removal miles. This combined with excellent fuel efficiency and a competitive acquisition point, results in a lower cost per mile, making the M137 the leading value alternative steer tire for extreme long haul applications. Show more/less

extreme long-haul Steer trailer
long-haul Steer trailer

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Toyo Tires offers a comprehensive warranty and retreading policy on commercial tires.

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Features and benefits

Maximum Removal Miles

  • Optimized tread depth with top decoupler is engineered to reduce free-rolling wear and tread squirm, delivering the highest miles per 32nd.

Maximum Fuel Efficiency

  • Low-rolling-resistance tread compound minimizes fuel consumption and qualifies it as a SmartWay-verified steer tire.

Excellent Performance and Safety

  • Computer-optimized tread design, with four straight grooves, deep sipes, and multi-pitch grooves, provides enhanced wet and dry traction while also reducing road noise.

Exceptional Retreadability and Casing Durability

  • E-balance profile minimizes growth of the tread profile and maintains uniform and flatter tread radius for the entire life of the casing.
  • Enhanced, high-speed casing design resists casing fatigue.
  • High-elongation top belt protects casing integrity.
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Sizes & Specifications


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Toyo offers a comprehensive warranty and retreading policy for our commercial tires.

  • A full 66-month limited warranty on eligible claims
  • Casing allowances cover two retreads on eligible claims
  • Retread rubber allowances of up to $50.00 for first retread

For complete details see our Truck Tire Limited Warranty.