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Regional all-position tire

The M120 is a four-belt, all-position tire designed for regional to urban delivery in stop-and-go situations. The unique five-rib, four-groove design with 15/32″ of tread depth provides long, even wear to meet demanding pickup and delivery operations. Show more/less

regional Steer drive, trailer
urban Steer drive, trailer
17.5 & 19.5 Steer

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Toyo Tires offers a comprehensive warranty and retreading policy on commercial tires.

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Features and benefits

Long Service Life

  • DSOC II™ technology optimizes footprint design for even wear and long life.
  • Wide five-rib pattern with a solid outer rib and 15/32" tread depth combine for long, even wear.

High Durability

  • Stone-ejector grooves minimize stone retention to maintain casing integrity.
  • Four-steel-belt construction braces the tread area, improving durability.

Excellent Performance and Safety

  • Wide five-rib pattern with a solid outer rib improves stability and handling performance.
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Sizes & Specifications


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Toyo offers a comprehensive warranty and retreading policy for our commercial tires.

  • A full 66-month limited warranty on eligible claims
  • Casing allowances cover two retreads on eligible claims
  • Retread rubber allowances of up to $50.00 for first retread

For complete details see our Truck Tire Limited Warranty.