Read our love letters to see how people fell in love with their Toyo tires then use our Tire Finder to find yours. Don’t worry, we won't break your heart. Our No Regrets trial offer guarantees it.  

Open Country R/T

“I finally found a tire that the weight of my 1 ton diesel loves. No more getting stuck on wet grass, I can hook up my trailers and tow 20,000 lbs... I have put over 70,000 miles on my tires, still have some tread left and getting ready to by my second set! Love them!!!”

- JohnH, Southern CA


Proxes 4 Plus

“Just got these for my 325i, and they're fantastic. I usually buy Summer tires because I like the grip it provides, and they always look wider than All Season tires. I got tired of replacing tires every year, so I decided to shop around for tires with a tread wear warranty. A lot of brands in the same price range have really bad reviews and they look really narrow. These Proxes 4 Plus are the exception. They measure really wide, and grip like Summer tires. So far, so good. Good sidewall stiffness, quiet, and comfortable. Still taking it easy, but soon I shall test them on a canyon run.”

- Rollan

Celsius CUV

“After about 2500 miles in a Vermont winter, the Celsius CUV has been tested under all conditions - deep snow, scraped snow, ice, slush, wet, dry - and has proven outstanding in all. In winter conditions, it is as good or better than any snow tire I have used, and on a dry road, it is as quiet and smooth as my summer tires. The 60K warranty is unheard of - expect they will cease being good snow tires well before that, but we'll see. Well engineered tire, Toyo!”

- VTwoodchuck


Open Country Q/T

“I just purchased a set of four Open Country Q/T's. These are excellent tires. Steering is once again responsive, the ride is quiet and the rolling resistance from my prior tires is substantially reduced. My power steering (rocks)  thanks You!

- terry

Proxes R888R

“I'm on my second set of R888Rs which I use on my Porsche GT4 for high performance driving events. For my purposes they are much better than the high performance street tires my car came with. They are sticky on the track while providing gradual slip at the limits. I don't drive this car all that much on the street, but the tires seem fine when I do. I typically get 500-600 track miles per set of tires and my car suspension has been set up with additional camber for the track (helps reduce wear). As with all softer tires used on the track, wear is just a price we pay for fun. Overall, I love these tires and plan to keep using them.”

- RockCroc, Durango, CO


Versado Noir

“Versado tires are butter smooth, very quiet, stable and plush. They felt like floating on the road for about a week, then floating went away. They get more smooth after 50+ mph. After about 3 weeks they started to show good fuel economy. Wet and dry performance is excellent. Versado tires do not like cornering and aggressive driving. They promote calm luxury ride. If you are an easy going commuter who prefers quiet plush ride - these tires are for you.”

- Nick84, Washington DC


Open Country M/T

“When you first think of a mud-terrain tire you think .. fast wear and rough ride. Then you put on a set of Open Country M/T and your opinion changes. Aggressive look, incredible tread life and a great riding mud-terrain! The ONLY tire I will run on my modified 2016 Tacoma!”

- Heathen2016, Jones County, GA


Proxes ST III

“Purchased these tires in 235/55/19 by recommendation at a local business. They exceeded my expectations in all categories. Handling in dry/wet conditions is superb, but these tires are reasonable in snow as well. Not noisy and comfortable ride quality. Put about 6000 miles on them and no sign of wear thus far.”

- Nick304, West Virginia


Open Country H/T

“We finally decided to have the tires changed over. We knew we were getting great life out of them, but not 100,000 miles. Great Product!!!”

- Frank33, MO



“I absolutely love these tires. I've driven in all conditions and they handle better than any tires I've had. I live in Oregon so it rains a lot. Last winter we had a lot of snow and they handled beautifully. I feel safe driving with these tires in all conditions. Will absolutely replace with the same tires when it's time.”

- Irene, Portland, OR


Extensa A/S

“My first set of Toyo tires and I have really enjoyed them. Quite, good handling, good tread wear, no problems what so ever and still running good at 40,000 miles”

- Texxl, TX

Open Country A/T II

“Very dependable I put these on my F-150 at 26,500 Miles I currently have 100,000 miles on my truck,highway miles, off road And everything in between I’ve pulled 28’ camper and 12’x7’ dump trailer in all kinds of weather never had problems. I had the tires rotated every 5000 miles only reason I’m writing this review is because it’s time to buy new tires and I’m going to buy the same ones Toyo Open Country ATII  275/65R18”

- Dandy, Punxsutawney, PA