It has been brought to the attention of Toyo Tires that fraudulent job offers have been made by individuals, organizations or social media accounts that claim they are representing Toyo Tires.  These job offers are fraudulent and do not originate from Toyo Tires. 

Toyo Tires does not extend job offers via email to individuals with whom it has had no prior contact.  You should not respond to any of these job offers by revealing personal information, nor should you send any money in response to them.

In some instances, job seekers are sent unsolicited emails that contain a Toyo Tires information sheet and asked to fill out a detailed job application and/or sign a so-called “employment agreement.”  Do not disclose personal or financial information to individuals or on a website you do not know or trust because this is an attempt by criminals to trick you into disclosing personal, financial or valuable information.

In addition, criminal elements around the world are using this scam to dupe job seekers into paying hiring fees, processing fees, travel fees and visa fees – even claiming that the job seeker will be reimbursed.  Criminals may also extend a job offer and send a fake “paycheck” to be deposited, only to quickly ask for a refund on an “overpayment.”  The initial check will bounce and leave the victim with a loss.

Toyo Tires will never ask prospective employees to pay a fee to be considered for a position or to receive a job offer.  Toyo Tires also does not provide “advances” to cover initial expenses such as computers or other supplies.  Toyo Tires does not authorize recruiters or agents to do any of these things on its behalf.  

Vacancies at Toyo Tires are listed on our website.  Please visit our TNA Careers page where you can search and apply for jobs at our manufacturing plant in White, Georgia. 

For more information on joining the Toyo Tires corporate team, please contact us.