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Proxes TQ


This DOT drag radial* was designed to help muscle cars and street machines transfer power to the ground. An optimized tread design coupled with a unique tread compound and strengthened radial construction give superior grip, straight-line performance, and high-speed stability as you blast down the track. The Proxes TQ is also designed to be quiet on the drive home.

*Caution: Use extreme caution and reduced speed when driving in wet conditions. Recommended for competition events only.
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Limited Warranty

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Performance ratings

Dry PerformanceDry Performance
Tread LifeTread Life
Wet PerformanceWet Performance

Performance Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 (best) in 0.5-point increments and can be compared within applicable Toyo product categories. Compare this tire to others suitable for your vehicle using our Tire Finder.

Features and benefits

Drag Radial Tread Compound

  • Maximizes grip at launch.

Dual-Purpose Asymmetric Tread Design

  • Optimizes performance for track and street use with two distinct tread areas.

Semi-Slick Inner Area

  • Improves traction on independent rear suspension vehicles, while maintaining consistent grip on straight axle rear suspension vehicles.

Variable Pitch Outer Area

  • Reduces pattern noise when on the street.

Drag-Race Construction With Special Drag-Race Radial Carcass

  • Helps tire maintain a large, consistent contact patch for increased traction throughout a drag run.
Foreground Tire Tread

Sizes & Specifications


Setup & care

Toyo Tires recommends the following general setup guidelines for the Proxes TQ:

  • Minimum Inflation Pressure for the Track: 15 psi
  • Recommended Inflation Pressure: Start with a cold tire inflation pressure of 17 psi. Adjust the tire inflation pressure up or down in 1-psi increments to achieve the desired results. Use as much pressure as possible for track conditions without causing the tire to slip. Higher inflation pressures will improve reaction time, stability, and rolling resistance. 

For recommendations on proper use, handling and storage of this tire in colder climates, please click here.

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Outstanding, they even did well in the rain. You will have to heat them up very well at the track for them to hook well.

86GnDee, Jacksonville, North Carolina


The Proxes TQ comes with a limited warranty. See the warranty booklet for details.

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