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September 13th


Italian, English, Cherokee, Assorted European


Long Beach

Current Residence:

Long Beach

When and how did you get into modeling?  

When I was 19 I got a job as an assistant at a modeling agency and ended up working a lot of the jobs for the agency and managing models, events, and photoshoots.

Most memorable moment in your career:  

The first time I walked for LA Fashion Week.

Person Most Admired in your life:  

My mom.

What's your favorite car and why?  

I just bought a BMW 320i and I feel very in love with it. The ideal in my mind now though is an autonomous car, I actually like the way the Chevrolet FNR concept car looks because it looks like a Batmobile. The autonomous cars are my favorite because they would mean a huge improvement in mobility and independence for blind people like my mom.

What is the one thing a guy can do to win your heart?

Show that he cares more about me than about himself.

Hobbies Outside of Modeling:

Boxing and traveling.

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