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September 4th 


Cambodian Swedish


Portland, Oregon

Current Residence:

Los Angeles

When and how did you get into modeling?  

I was 19 when I first got approached by a modeling agency. It all started from there.

Most memorable moment in your career:  

I was modeling an incredibly unique dress made completely out of paper by a local designer. Although beautiful the dress was very delicate. As I walked down the runway a model stepped on the short train of the paper dress and the whole backside came off. A slightly embarrassing but completely memorable moment for me. I still rocked it and we had some good laughs after the show.

Person Most Admired in your life:  

My mother. One of the truest cliche's around. My mom really is my world, and I'm so grateful I've been blessed with such a strong moving force to look up to. 

What's your favorite car and why?  

GTR - they're so sexy :P

What is the one thing a guy can do to win your heart?

I'm a hopeless romantic. I like well thought out acts of chivalry, but even something small, like remembering my favorite band or author completely melts my heart. Although nothing impresses me more than a man motivated by altruism. Someone who gives their time to care for others and help make the world a better place. (Another cliche but we're aiming for honesty here.)

Hobbies Outside of Modeling:

This questions is hard because you never know how truly boring you are until asked this; I'm a little introverted so I like home activities such as reading and experimenting with healthy recipes. When the stars align and I have the means to do so, traveling is probably my favorite thing in the world. Pun intended.

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